UF Campaign for Charities

The UF Campaign for Charities is now underway and will continue through the end of November, offering the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our community.

The UF Campaign for Charities supports 99 local charitable organizations that provide a wide variety of services, including medical assistance, legal help, environmental protection, food for the hungry, shelter for the abused and homeless, hospice care, pet services, school readiness for children, and much more. 

When you choose to contribute to the UF Campaign for Charities, your funds remain local and directly support agencies working within our community. As one of our long-time donors and UFCC supporters, Layne Prebor tells us, “By donating to local charities through UFCC, we can see the positive impact we’re making on our community.” 

Whether you prefer payroll deduction (available for full-time UF employees), cash, check, credit card, or even stock transfer, various donation options are available. You can designate your gift to one or more of the 99 agencies or contribute to the undesignated pool, which is divided proportionally among all agencies, based on the amount designated to each organization. This means that the more designated gifts an agency receives, the more they will benefit from the undesignated pool, allowing you to maximize your impact!

Join us in making a difference in North Central Florida. Together, we can achieve something incredible. To learn more about the agencies participating in the 2023 campaign, visit the AGENCY page. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to creating a brighter future for our community!

To make your donation, select the link below that aligns with your affiliation* with the University. 

* OPS and part-time employees - select "Other Donors"


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