2020 UF Campaign for Charities


If you could not attend our training sessions in person, please review the PDF's of the presentations.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

 2021 Steering Committee Training (PDF)

 2021 UFCC Agency Training (PDF)




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 2021 UFCC Posters

 2021 UFCC Poster - Horizontal

 2021 UFCC Goal Charts

 2021 UFCC Donor Recognition

 2021 UFCC Web/Email Banner

 2021 UFCC Employee Pledge Form

 2021 UFCC Pledge Form (Non Employee)

 2021 UFCC Agency Contact Info

 2020 UFCC Report Envelope Cover



To see UFCC agencies in action, please watch the short, but informative videos below and learn some of the ways your donations make a real difference in our community. It will make you proud to be a part of the UFCC.

2019 UFCC Campaign Video

2015 UFCC Campaign Video

2014 UFCC Campaign Video (Gators Give)