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UFCC Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE:  Your agency and amount designations WILL ROLLOVER from year to year unless you go into online giving system and choose to stop your contribution for the following year.  To stop the current year’s pledge, call UF Human Resource Services at 273-1079.

Q) What is the UFCC?

A) The UFCC is the University of Florida Campaign for Charities. The UFCC provides an opportunity for UF employees to give to their area charity of choice through payroll deduction, check, cash or stock contribution. Since 1993, our employees’ contributions have helped improve the quality of life for people in the communities of the Alachua County region.

Q) What are the dates for the 2022 UFCC?

A) The 2023 Leadership campaign will run from Sept. 5th – 23rd, and the General Campaign will run from Sept. 25th – Oct. 13th.

Q) How do I contribute to the UFCC?

A) During the campaign, UF employees will receive e-mails from the UFCC with links to the online contribution site. UF employee donations may be made through payroll deduction or by check, cash, bank card, or direct bill. Pledge cards are available for those who do not have e-mail.

Q) When you pledge through payroll deduction during the campaign in 2023, when do deductions begin?

A) Deductions will begin in January 2024.

Q) Why should I give through the UFCC and not directly to the agency of my choosing?

A) Some gifts to the UFCC are designated to a specific agency. Those not given to a specific agency (i.e., given to the overall campaign) are considered “undesignated.”  The undesignated funds are divided among all agencies in proportion to the amount they received in the campaign. Thus, if an agency received 0.5% of the total designated donations, they also would receive 0.5% of the total undesignated funds. The distribution of undesignated funds added ~28% to the total donations for our agencies in 2021.

Q) Does my contribution go to the University of Florida?

A) No. All contributions go to the participating agencies.

Q) Is a portion of my donation used to run the campaign?

A) Your contribution, less a 4.5% proposed 2022 administrative fee paid to the university’s fiscal agent – the United Way – goes to the agency (or agencies) you select from the list of agencies. If you do not designate an agency, your contribution is considered “undesignated” and is divided among federations or agencies in proportion to the amount that has been designated in the campaign.

Q) What is the difference between the Leadership Campaign and the General Campaign?

A) The UF Campaign for Charities is divided into two focus times: The Leadership Campaign and the General Campaign. Traditionally, the Leadership period is an opportunity for those who qualify at the leadership level to donate before the general campaign begins. Those who qualify for the Leadership Campaign include individuals who have either given $500 or more during the previous year’s campaign OR whose annual salary is more than $50,000. However, due to the easy and convenient online giving system, all employees will be able to log on during any point of the campaign and make a donation to their favorite agency or agencies.

Q) What happens to my contribution if I don’t designate to specific agencies?

Gifts not given to a specific agency (but given to the overall campaign) are considered “undesignated.”  The undesignated funds are divided among all agencies in proportion to the amount they received in the campaign.  (E.g., If an agency received 0.5% of the total donations, they would receive 0.5% of the total undesignated funds) The distribution of undesignated funds added ~24% to the total donations for the agencies in 2023. These funds are distributed according to the regulation as follows:

Independent Agencies: These agencies receive the funds that have been designated specifically to them and receive their earned percentage of the undesignated funds.

Community Health Charities Agencies: These agencies receive the funds that have been designated specifically to them. CHC – as their federation – receives all undesignated funds earned by their agencies and distributes the funds proportionally to their agencies.

United Way Agencies: These agencies receive the funds that have been designated specifically to them and receive their earned percentage of the undesignated funds.

Q) If I choose to give via payroll deduction, when will the deductions begin?

A) The bi-weekly payroll deductions will start in January 2024. There are a total of 26 deductions for 12-month UF employees and 17 deductions for 9-/10-month UF employees. NOTE: Payroll deductions will continue unless you notify UFCC personnel of a change. Please contact UF Human Resources at ufhr-employment@ufl.edu or or 352-273-1079 to stop your pledge.

Q) How can I stop payroll deduction for UFCC?

A) To stop deductions for the upcoming year, sign into the UFCC online pledge system and choose “No Donation.” To end deductions from the current year’s campaign, please contact UF Human Resources at ufhr-employment@ufl.edu or 352-273-1079 to stop your pledge.

Q) What happens to my previous year’s commitment if I do nothing during the campaign?

A) Your agency and amount designations WILL ROLLOVER from year to year unless you go into online giving system and choose to stop your contribution for the following year. If an employee has their payroll deduction set to rollover and they do not login for that current year and the agency is not listed for the current campaign, gifts will be set as "undesignated." To stop the current year’s pledge, please contact UF Human Resources at ufhr-employment@ufl.edu or or 352-273-1079.

Q) If I choose to let my pledge rollover from 2022, will my agency designations also rollover?

A) If you have used the online system to make your agency designation, your agency selections will rollover with your donation amount. If a designation was made prior to the 2008 campaign, never put into the online system, and the pledge was rolled over, the amount pledged has remained the same; however the agency designations did not rollover and will need to be re-designated.

If an employee has their payroll deduction set to rollover and they do not login for that current year and the agency is not listed for the current campaign, gifts will be set as "undesignated."

Q) How can I find out more information about each of the agencies?

A) Please visit the agency page on the UFCC website.

Q) Where can I find the UF regulations governing the campaign?

A) You can review the UF Campaign for Charities regulations here: UFCC Regulations.

Q) I do not see my organization on the UFCC agency list. How can they join?

A) The application process can be found online under the Agencies tab. Applications are available December 1st of the year before the campaign, are due February 1st. We encourage charitable agencies that provide a substantial program of health and human services directly benefiting the Alachua County region to apply. Agencies must (re)apply every year.

Q) Is there a limit to the number of agencies that can participate in the UFCC?

A) No. As long as the agency meets the criteria in the application, they may be added. We generally have more than 90 agencies to choose from each campaign year.

Q) How can my spouse/partner and I combine our gifts for Leadership consideration?

A) If you and your spouse/partner want to combine your contribution, please indicate online at the UFCC online giving system upon entering your pledge.

Q) Where should a donor submit cash or checks for the campaign (from a single event, or a single, one-time donation)?

A) Please submit all cash or checks to your college, unit or department UFCC volunteer. To determine your volunteer designee, please review the Steering Committee List on our contact page. 

Q) Can our unit host a special event outside of the camapign cycle dates?

A) Off-cycle donation processing for special events is available to units from Jan 1- Aug 31. Cash and check payments may be dropped off at the Government and Community Relations office in Tigert Hall by appointment. Please include a UFCC Report Envelope Cover with each cash and check donation. An online giving site can be set up to process electronic and credit card payments for special events. To set up a dedicated giving site, please contact Dana Clayton at the United Way. Dana Can be reached at (352) 333-0846,  dclayton@unitedwayncfl.org  


UFCC Online Giving Process

Q) Why am I not receiving the UFCC online giving Welcome Page after signing on into myUFL?

A) You may have a pop-up blocker on your web browser. There are two ways to turn off Pop-Up Blockers:

Hold down the “Ctrl” key, while you click on “UFCC Sign On.” Continue holding down the key until a new page appears with your UFCC Welcome Page.

If you click on “UFCC Sign On” and pop up screen (w/ a UFCC Welcome Page) does not appear, you will need to disable pop-up blocker. First, on your task bar, go to “Tools”, scroll to “Pop-Up Blocker” and choose turn off pop-up blocker. Now, click “UFCC Sign On” again for your Welcome Page.

For Firefox Users:

When Firefox blocks a site, it notifies the user on the top bar. If you click that Options button, you can tell it to allow pop-ups from my.ufl.edu or to show a particular pop-up.

Telling it to show the bottom site, will open up in the UFCC online donor system.

Users can also go to Tools -> Options -> Content and uncheck the Block Pop-Up Windows box.

Q) I am not receiving Campaign e-mails reminders. Why not?

A) If you are using Outlook, please check that the e-mails are not in your Junk E-mail or Spam folders. If they are, you can make sure you receive these e-mails by adding ufcc@ufl.edu to your Safe Senders list in Outlook by clicking Tools > Option > Preferences > Junk E-mail > Safe Senders > Add > now add ufcc@ufl.edu to that list.

Q) If I use a credit/bank card for my pledge, when will my payment be processed?

A) Credit card transactions will be processed live (immediately posted to your credit card). If your payment has been processed, you will not be able to change your donation in the online pledge processing system. If your pledge has been processed and you wish to change your pledge or designations, please contact Community Relations at (352) 392-4567.

Q) I do not have a UF e-mail address. How will I give to the UFCC?

A) UF employees who do not have a UF e-mail address will be given a printed pledge card as in years past. If an employee uses a home computer, they can access the UFCC website or myUFL to give. Their information will be in the UFCC online system.

Q) Can OPS employees give through the online system?

A) OPS employees have access to a separate online giving system that allows them to donate funds and designate to agencies. We are unable to allow payroll deductions for OPS employees but they could choose to donate via cash, check, or credit card. To access this giving site during the campaign dates, select the "Other Donors" link from the main UFCC home page. Please call us at (352) 392-4567 for more information on how to give if you are an OPS employee.

Q) Can an employee who is hired during the campaign still give online?

A) Yes, but they will need to contact the Office of Community Relations to have their account activated. (352) 392-4567

Q) Who will collect and process the pledge cards from employees who do not use the online system?

A) The office of Community Relations coordinates the UFCC and will process the pledge cards.

Q) How do I stop the “reminder” campaign online giving e-mails?

A) If you do not want to contribute to the UFCC, sign on to the system and choose “No Donation”. You should not receive further e-mails.

Q) While in the UFCC online giving site, the “Back” button in my web browser does not work properly.

A) To navigate within the UFCC online giving site, please use the back/forward arrows at the bottom and top of each online giving page.

Please contact us at ufcc@ufl.edu or (352) 392-4567 if you have any questions or concerns.


UFCC Regulations

Download the UF Campaign for Charities Regulations here: UFCC Regulations





To serve the best interests of the University of Florida and the community, one Gainesville campus multiagency fund-raising drive the UF Campaign for Charities will be open to all university employees employed in Alachua County who wish to participate and will be held annually each fall.  Payroll deductions may be utilized in fulfillment of pledges or promised contributions to the UFCC.

A Planning Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of procedures and standards by which the campaign shall be conducted and shall have the responsibility of amending those procedures and standards. 

It is important to note that February 1, 2023, is the deadline for organizations applying for UFCC eligibility.  Please note that the deadline for receipt of applications and appeals means that all of the materials required as part of the application or appeal must be uploaded to the UFCC site (ufcc.ufl.edu) no later than the date specified. 


A copy of the application form for use in applying for eligibility in the 2023 UFCC can be found here: UFCC Agency Application.  The use of this form (or its online version) is mandatory for all applications for the UFCC.  It is suggested that any additional information that may be pertinent to the questions asked be attached as supplementary documentation, if necessary.  All questions must be answered and all required supporting documentation included to be considered for eligibility in the UFCC.

Upon request of an organization wishing to participate, the committee will provide a copy of these procedures and an application form.  All application materials and proceedings are subject to the Florida Public Records and Sunshine Laws.

The Planning Committee will review all applications by March 2023.  Organizations may expect to be notified of the decision of the committee on their applications no later than May 2023.  Organizations will have ten days from the receipt of notification to file an appeal.

Each organization selected will be listed only once in donor designation literature. 


All organizations that apply for inclusion in the UFCC and are found ineligible, have one and only one appeal to the Planning Committee.  In the appeal, the organization may present additional information on its behalf.  Appellants should insure that their appeals are complete and responsive to the actual reasons for the original adverse recommendation.  The Planning Committee will only consider the specific reasons for denial of an organization’s application.  The recommendation of the committee and the President’s decision following this hearing shall be final.  All such hearings and final decisions on the applicants will be completed by early June 2023.


The Planning Committee may revoke approval to participate in the campaign at any time in the event that the organization violates a policy or rule of the University of Florida concerning the campaign, or false or misleading information is submitted to the University at the time of application for admission to the campaign or pursuant to any subsequent request by the university.


The fiscal agent for the UFCC shall be an organization that has the experience, expertise, and resources to conduct and coordinate a local community campaign in Alachua County.  The Planning Committee has selected United Way of North Central Florida as the fiscal agent for the 2023 UFCC.


The University will forward to the fiscal agent, on a biweekly schedule, a warrant in payment of employee pledges for that period. The fiscal agent will forward the earned funds to each agency minus campaign administrative costs and each agency’s percentage share of the campaign undesignated donations.

Contributions to the UFCC that are not designated to a specific agency are distributed by the campaign based on the percentage of designated funds given to each agency.

If an agency is part of a federation, the federation is given the funds for distribution according to their federation agreements.


Policy on Solicitation and Receipt of Gifts

The following policy governs the solicitation and receipt of gifts in support of the University of Florida Campaign for Charities (UFCC).

Gifts used in support of the campaign that are made by the University of Florida or a direct support organization of the University of Florida must be made in accord with the policies and procedures of the unit or the direct support organization. Such gifts may be donated and given only in support of the UFCC. If the University of Florida or one of its direct support organizations gives a gift of a value in excess of $100 to a reporting individual or procurement employee as those terms are defined by law, the University or the direct support organization must give that individual a report of the gift by March 1 of the following year.

All gifts made by the University or by a University direct support organization in excess of $100 in value in support of the UFCC will be reported to the Executive Director of the UFCC within 30 days of the close of the campaign. The Executive Director shall be responsible for making any reports necessary under Section 112.3148, Fla. Stat., on behalf of the University and furnishing the names and positions of the gift recipients to the respective direct support organizations.

Gifts from persons and entities not the University or direct support organizations may be given to the University in support of the UFCC under the following guidelines:

No reporting individuals or procurement employees may solicit gifts.

All gifts of over $250 in value must be reported to the Executive Director of the UFCC within 30 days of the close of the campaign. The Executive Director is responsible for the IRS gift receipt requirements attendant to such gifts.

Gifts from third parties may be used as gifts to University employees in support of the campaign only under the following conditions:

If the gift is to be given to a University employee in support of the campaign, the gift must be made in such a way that it does not violate Section 112.3148, Fla. Stat. or Section 112.3215, Fla. Stat., in that a lobbyist, as defined in the statute, may not use the UFCC to indirectly make a gift to a reporting individual or procurement employee. The distribution of any such gifts must be to a large pool of potential recipients, the majority of whom cannot be reporting individuals or procurement employees.

The reporting requirements of section 1 above apply to such gifts.

Gifts may be given as door prizes to UFCC events held for University employees as long as the conditions of 2(c)i are fulfilled. No contribution can be required as a precondition for receipt of any such prize.

If a gift is auctioned, no fees of any kind may be paid to an auctioneer. Any auction must be reported to the Executive Director of the UFCC within 30 days of the auction. The Executive Director is responsible for furnishing all pertinent information concerning the auction to the Fiscal Agent who is responsible for giving the appropriate IRS receipt for the gift to the UFCC represented by the auction proceeds.

Terms Used Above

Reporting Individual – State employee or official who is required to disclose certain financial interests and gifts on a yearly basis under the provisions of Florida law. Reporting individuals include business managers, purchasing agents (persons with signature authority on contracts) having the power to make any purchases exceeding $20,000, finance and accounting directors, personnel officers, grant coordinators, legal counsel, the president of the university, and members of the board of trustees.  Reporting individuals as identified by the University receive a Form 1 from the State Commission on Ethics on an annual basis.

Procurement Employee – State employee “who participates through decision, approval, disapproval, recommendation, preparation of any part of a purchase request, influencing the content of any specification or procurement standard, rendering of advice, investigation, or auditing or in any other advisory capacity in the procurement of contractual services or commodities…if the cost of such services or commodities exceeds $1,000 in any year.”

Lobbyist – Person who “is employed and receives a payment or who contracts for economic consideration for the purpose of lobbying.” “Lobbying” means “seeking on behalf of another person [a company or firm as well as a natural person], to influence” the University with respect to a decision of the University in the area of general policy or procurement (making purchases for the University) or “an attempt to obtain the goodwill” of a University employee. For the purposes of this discussion, “lobbyist” shall also mean the principal of the lobbyist.


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